Orim was born in the dwarf city of Coremmbard, under the Dawnforge Mountains. His birth marked the fourth generation of the Fellkeep clan bred into the slave class of the city, not a glorious achievement to say the least. He was raised working in the mines nearly as soon as he could walk, and learned that beer lessened the pain in his legs and in his chest just about as early. When he was around 15 years old, the mine Orim was working in caved in and snuffed out the lives of a great majority of the mining force.

Since Orim was one of the very few that survived, he was blamed for the incident and was brutally punished for it, the scars left on his face serve as evidence to this day of the brutality of the Coremmbard high guard. After his punishment, which included a year in solitary confinement, Orim was deemed too hazardous to work in the mines, and since he couldn’t work in the markets or sewers like the slave women, he was forced into the gladiator arena where he became a prizefighter for the upper class’ entertainment.

There, Orim found his true calling. Within the course of 6 months, Orim became the most feared fighter in the arena. Never suffering a loss, he was a brutal and furious fighter. Years in the mines made him strong, and he quickly discovered he was much faster than other dwarves he fought.

After he had slain many of his kind, the guards pitted him against creatures of all kinds, those found in the mines, those found in the mountains, and even some that had never been seen before by the likes of the Coremmbard people.

After no more creatures were to be found, Orim was introduced to Jarel, who wished for him to become his personal trainer. Jarel was a member of the Ambershard clan, a group of the ruling class of Coremmbard, a dwarf who wanted for naught and lived more than extravagantly, his mansion built into the very walls of the city were maintained by the slaves Orim was born among. He was taken into Jarel’s chambers and taught him to fight, and as a reward, Orim was allowed to bring his family into the slave quarters in the mansion, which were safer and more comfortable for his mother and her kin. Many prayers were offered up to Moradin in thanks for their fortune.

Months passed as Orim trained Jarel, but one day, he arrived in Jarel’s fighting chambers to find Jerel covered in blood. Knowing something was amiss, Orim returned to his family to get them to safety, fearing Jarel might bestow violence upon them as well. Orim sent his mother into hiding within the deepest parts of the city, and fearing Jarel would hunt them, he went to face his former student.

When Orim returned to the mansion, Jarel had the high guard waiting to arrest him, blaming Orim for the murder of Jarel’s father, a powerful leader in the city’s government. Demanding he be treated fairly, Orim challenged Jarel to single combat. Jarel, challenged by a slave, denied his request and ordered the high guard to throw him into solitary confinement once again. Before the guards could arrest him though, Orim nimbly dodged out of their grasp and grabbed the first thing he could get his hands on, which was a small hammer, and hurled it at Jarel, hitting him in the left eye. Blood exploded from the wound and Jarel howled in paid, grabbing his now missing eye. The guards made for Orim, but by then he had escaped. Jarel demanded Orim be found and killed for his actions.

Orim returned to his mother and explained what had occurred. They decided the best course of action would be for Orim to leave the city and escape into the lands beyond the mountains, where the high guard would not stalk him. After he would leave, his mother would go to the guard and turn him in, and in return would demand that they not be blamed for his actions. Orim, fearing the safety of his mother, decided this was the only course of action that would suffice. Before leaving the city though, Orim’s mother gave him something he did not know she had. She explained to him that their family was plagued by misfortune when four generations ago, the patriarch of the Fellkeep clan dishonored their family name and was subsequently cast down to the lowest class of the city. Orim’s mother told him that his great grandfather once ruled the city, and had a crown made of bronze when he took the throne. That crown was cast down with him, and now it was a family heirloom, a mark of shame on their clan. His mother had the crown in her possession, and gave it to Orim and made him promise to go out into the world and make a great name for himself, and to return to the city with pride and glory, and restore their family name to its rightful place among the rulers. Placing the crown on his head, Orim made a solemn vow to do as his mother asked, and would one day soon return to the city and save her and their clan from the dismay of slavery.

Orim travels the world today, and while honor and fame would be enough to clear his name, Orim understands that while the caste system of the city remains, his clan is one step away from the slums again. Instead of rising to the call of the caste system, Orim now dedicates himself to destroying the political organizations that held his family in the dark for so many generations. Preferring chaos to corrupt peace, Orim intends to bring down the government systems that keep members of all races downtrodden in shame and depression, and won’t stop until everyone is free, or until he draws his last breath.

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